From Chile with Love!† (Sophieís Blog)††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† September 2015


Dear Yall,


I realize that this is a little bit late but to be honest, this weekend was super lazy. Iíve been having a great time in the last month, attending school, parties, hangin out with the host fam, learning the culture, history and daily life. After attending school for about a month now, Iím having a really good time. School here is definitely really different, much more relaxed, and every day is a surprise. My classes here are the same as all of my other course memberís. We stay in the same classroom and the teachers come to us. You donít get to choose your classes, you choose what branch of study you want to go into: chemistry, biology or humanities. Iím studying humanities which means that I have classes like philosophy, alternative religion, and double classes of history and language. I really enjoy learning about things that we donít have in the US.  We have a really weird schedule which encompasses certain classes and ending times every day to somehow reach and equilibrium of learning. I like my class mates a lot, their very fun but, I get kind of bored sometimes. The teachers donít always show up so sometimes for 100 minutes, we just have study time, or we just get to leave. The teachers are always about 10 minutes late to class. The casualty between students and teachers is pretty foreign (pun intended), but I like the new experience. Even though we have a lot of learning time, we spend a lot of time not learning. Talking about life, history ideas, how to raise money for these cool sweatshirts that your course gets when youíre a senior, dancing ect ect.  When I get bored, Iím glad I have the history book to read and yoga to do in those situations. But the reality is that if the worse thing about my exchange is boredom in class that is giving me time to study Spanish and things I need to learn, I feel like itís going pretty well. I can see my Spanish progressing, being able to understand more at a quicker rate and think of words faster, not being as nervous to speak and having a bigger vocabulary. I think that Iíve dreamt in Spanish only once and I donít count it as my ďIíve learned the language now I dream in itĒ dream. All I remember was yelling at Grace, my biological sister, in Spanish and talking to my host mom (also in Spanish). I think that when all of my stream of consciousness can be in Spanish ill count it as knowing the language. Iím really excited because I got to talk to my classmates about all the things they see in movies form the US that are true that we actually do. Iíve decided that they need to know how to make símores, and I think Iím going to have my entire class over for a home cooked thanksgiving dinner because they donít know either. Weíll see about the second one but I have high hopes. Iím also really excited because weíve had really fantastic weather and clear skies these past few days, which means that I can once again see the beautiful Andes Mountains and a volcano from my dining room window. But no big deal


I could tell you much, much more but I donít want to bore anybody. If you have any questions or anything your still curious about, I'm always looking for things to do in class lol.


Thanks so much and happy first day of spring from the southern hemisphere,