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St. John's Lutheran Church

Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

St. John's Values

 Preach, teach, and live the Gospel

 Welcoming church for all ages

 Shared leadership

St. John's Mission

Where Christ meets community

St. John's Vision

 Continue to grow in our faith

In 2007, St. John’s took the time to discern what we value, what our mission is, and what our vision for the future is. This process took several months but was worth the effort.

After we’d defined ourselves, we also took time to listen to what God is calling us to do, based on who we are. Every year since then we’ve worked to determine our one-year, three-year, and five-year goals. It’s been exciting to see what we’ve been able to accomplish each year, whether that’s been renovating the offices or the sanctuary or holding more social events.

We always encourage input from everyone at the church. If you have ideas on what you’d like to see at St. John’s, please talk to a council member or Pastor Debbie.

2019 Goals for St. John’s

1-Year Goals

   1. YAFA: Increase family & community participation

       a. Children’s choir/bell chime choir/special music

   2. Pay our General Fund bills without borrowing from another Fund.

       a. Put 1/2 of the rent money from parsonage into CapOne

   3. Continue to increase participation in existing small groups.

       a. Men’s & Girlfriends group

          i. Having at least 1 combined event

          ii. Fundraising for church

       b. Crafty people= make more family oriented (topiaries, etc.)

       c. Senior programming = going strong

       d. Bible study

       e. Help those in need more in Hebron area

        f. Develop member care group (Food tree; transportation needs;


   4. Host a safety meeting / Awareness need for the community

   5. Create Safety Committee Group

       a. Promote safety awareness in and around the church building.

          (What to do in case of…… )

   6. Confirmation pictures displayed on monitor in basement

   7. A/V Training

   8. A/V Podcast

   9. Outdoor Storage Shed & Concrete Pavilion

 10. Crandall’s General Fund – raiser (Church event)

3-Year Goals

   1. Full time pastor (2021)

   2. Weather protect stained glass windows.

   3. Repair & Repaint & Debug Sanctuary lights and ceiling

   4. Lighted Cross Repair

5-Year Goals

   1. New flooring in basement.

   2. New chairs for basement.

   3. 15 passenger van

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