Text Box: St. John’s 
Lutheran Church

9812 St. Albans Street
Hebron, IL  60034

Our Website: stjlutheran.com

Sun. School: Sept. - May

Confirmation: Sept. - May
1st Sunday of Month: 12-2pm

Worship: Sun. 9:30 am

Council Meetings:
2nd Monday 6:30pm

Church Office Hours:
(when Jess is here)
Wed. & Thurs. 8am-2pm
Debbie Kelly
Mon. 1-5pm & Wed. 10-3pm

Office: 815-648-2671
Cell: 847-344-8282

Council Members
President & Properties: 
Don Gritmacker
Vice Pres. & Properties: 
Jim Lange
Secretary & Parsonage: 
Deb Sorensen
Financial Secretary: 
Ken Winkelman
Members at Large:
Sharon Pohlman ~ Christian Ed.
Laura Nelson ~ VBS
Dennis Bischke ~ Worship
Treasurer: Pat Peterson
Organist: Mary Sue Houston

Secretary: Jessica Steidl

Custodian: Jean Hutchison 
Text Box: Gifts of Treasure, Time, and Talent
Stewardship is how we use the gifts God has first given us.

Thank You!
I want to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to 
everyone at St. John’s that has helped make this recent 
transition go so smoothly. I am very proud at how we all stepped up to share the burden. I know that anything is 
possible with all of you, our ever growing pool of love 
and a little bit of faith. 		Jess 
Text Box: Military Prayer List

Each week we’re so glad to pray for a list of women and men serving in the military, but we’d like to make sure our list is up-to-date. Some people may have completed their terms, but we’re not sure who that is. Please let the office know who we should keep on the list. In 
February we’ll list only those people we know for sure are still serving. Please email Jess at office@stjlutheran.com or give her a call.
Text Box: Attention Crafty People! 

Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 2, 2018 from 6 to 8 pm (note the new time) in the church basement. We will continue to make fleece blankets for the Veterans at New Horizons here in Hebron.  We would appreciate any donates of fabric and/or yarn for future quilting/knitting/crocheting projects. If you're working on a project, bring it along and share it with us. We have a number of items to discuss during this meeting; our name, how often to meet, possible raffle, trips, teachers, etc.  Any questions or suggestions, please give me a call at 815-403-3048.  Hope to see you on January 2, 2018. 		Sandy Drevalas

                                   January Birthdays

2nd     Tracey Strand

10th     Colten Cashmore

15th     Susan Kastning

16th     Art Erckfritz

16th     RayLynne Knoll

19th    Cody Henken


19th    Joe Higgins

19th    Austin Kastning

20th    Marshal Glenn

21st    Nancy Hanson

26th    Sue Knoll

28th    Noah Higgins