Text Box: Sunday School Schedule
It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to 
Pastor Wilson and her family. We were left 
with a hole in our Sunday School due to Grace
teaching twice a month with Jessica Meyer. 
As things change, I am glad to announce that
Rylee Micklevitz has stepped into her shoes. 
We will shuffle our staff a little, but they are 
familiar faces. Thanks everyone for adapting,
and a special thanks to all of our high schoolers
who now share their time and faith with our littles.
A big thanks to new directors for our 
Christmas Pageant, Laura Leddle, Brook Winkelman, and Hannah Behrens, along with Mary 
Sue Houston on Piano. Hope you all enjoyed the show. See you in the pews, Toby 
Text Box: Middle School Youth Group Schedule

Many hands make light work of any project, and it is also more fun to share the 
joys of Christian activities with greater numbers. I am seeing lower turnouts and 
am concerned with doing activities without enough people. Please attend often and bring some friends. Share that joy we find in fellowship here at St. Johnís. 
	Happy Holidays and see you at church, Toby