Text Box:                              Sunday Times

Hello 2019, what took you so long?? Times do change and so are we
at St. Johnís. Hereís are a few changes you can look forward toÖ..
Weíll be going to a one room classroom curriculum and we will be
going back to Sparkhouse for their K-5th grade program!

Teachers should all have the new materials which do look familiar.
They have the same prep materials as prior years but for a wider age
range. Let me know how this one works. 

A big thanks to all of you moms and dads who have consistently
Brought your kids to class. Our weekly attendance is averaging 12
including teachers, so lets keep that up! 

Thanks to Laura Leedle for directing a memorable Christmas program this year, and much thanks and appreciation to the many others who stepped forward when needed. I donít want to miss anyone so you know who you are. THANKS!! See you in the pews,  Toby