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St. John's has tackled many projects in the past and this summer was no exception.  The congregation voted to spend $35,000 towards the building of an outside storage shed.  We borrowed $10,000 on a short-term loan and using the money from the Crandall’s fund raiser and generous donations from our congregation and friends of our congregation, we will be able to pay the loan in full by

November 1st.  Again, the Holy Spirit has provided for our needs.   


Thanks to Chris Olson and his son Zak, and in spite of record-breaking rains, they were able to build a 24ft. x 36ft storage building that will meet all the needs of the church. 


Our pavilion has also received a beautiful upgrade, with a ceiling and new lights.  This was a

generous gift from the Olson family, and we are thankful for this gift. 


We had considered a future project of concrete for the pavilion and a new sidewalk, and the future has come sooner than expected.  An anonymous donor has provided funds to complete the project by adding a concrete floor in the pavilion and sidewalk from the church to the pavilion and storage shed.


If you have a moment, walk back and take a look at the great workmanship.  We are in the process of adding shelves in the shed that have been donated so that we can store everything in its place and off the cement. 


Thank you!!  Thank you!!  It is beautiful!! 


Don Gritmacker and Jim Lange.