Girlfriends Group


Girlfriends Group meets once a month and is open to all women who need a night out.


October† 5 †††† Planning party at Camp Leedle 4:00pm (Appetizer potluck and byob) †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† Bring your calendars and ideas for a fantastic and fun year!

Youth and Family Activities


We are planning on 4 activities this year but are finding it very difficult to set dates due to conflicting activities from church/school/social groups. We have decided to fly by the seat of our pants and

embrace the ride. We will have a fall hayride in early November, location to be set later. Listen for the final announcements at church and on social media. Christmas party and caroling, same thing. Hope for the best, expect the exceptional, and share our church with love and a smile. See you soon!



Menís Club


Men's group meets on the last Thursday (unless otherwise noted) of the month at 5pm be sure to mark your calendars...


†††† Oct. 24 †† †††† Kellyís Harvard (4th. Thur. due to Halloween)

†††† Nov. 21 † †††† Colemans Woodstock (3rd. Thur. due to Thanksgiving)  

†††† Dec. 19 † †††† Sammyís Walworth (3rd. Thur. due to Christmas week)


Please talk to Jim Lange with any questions or ideas. 815-509-9465.

Text Box: Attention Crafty People!

We are continuing to make scarves, since there continues to be a need for them. Deb Sorensen has given us some more yarn! So if you need yarn, please let me know. 

Soon we will be making the Topiary of Lights.  Crafty People will be buying the supplies needed 
to make the 2 lights for the front of the church. We will have samples of the supplies needed and 
a partially constructed Topiary of Lights. Christmas items soon will be available at most stores. 
I have a list of supplies needed, so if you need one please let me know

Our plan is to have a group/family date and put them together downstairs in the church 
basement. Should be a great family project!!  More details forthcoming.