Attention Crafty People!

Do you like to crochet, knit, quilt, make comforters, etc.? Would you like to be in a group of crafters who would make these items for those in need? If you’re interested, please give Sandy Drevalas a call at 815-403-3048.

Text Box: AED/CPR Trainings

Sign up in church or call the office to be trained in CPR and how to use our new AED:

October 12, 6-9pm
October 13, 12:30-3:30pm
October 15, noon –3pm

Thanks, Tom L., for leading us!
Text Box: Bell Choir

Never fear! The bell choir is here! Well, almost. Don’t forget all those mad skills you acquired last spring, because coming this November, we’ll be ding-a-linging it right up. Wanna join? There’s always more room in this eclectic group of bell ringers who work their magic and make a joyful sound for us all.
Text Box: St. John’s 
Lutheran Church

9812 St. Albans Street
Hebron, IL  60034

Our Website:

Sun. School: Sept. - May

Confirmation: Sept. - May
1st Sunday of Month: 12-2pm

Worship: Sun. 9:30 am

Council Meetings:
2nd Thursday 6:30pm

Church Office Hours:
(when Jess is here)
Wed. & Thurs. 8am-2pm
Sarah E. Wilson
Office Days: Mon. & Thurs.

Office: 815-648-2671
Cell: 815-236-5087
Council Members
President & Properties: 
Don Gritmacker
Vice Pres. & Properties: 
Jim Lange
Secretary & Parsonage: 
Deb Sorensen
Financial Secretary: 
Ken Winkelman
Members at Large:
Sharon Pohlman ~ Christian Ed.
Laura Nelson ~ VBS
Dennis Bischke ~ Worship
Treasurer: Pat Peterson
Organist: Mary Sue Houston

Secretary: Jessica Steidl

Custodian: Jean Hutchison

           Oct. Birthdays


1st       John K

3rd      Hannah B

3rd      Val Sv

8th      Caleb L

9th      Nathan W

10th     Ashley E

11th     Steve C

13th     Ray K


13th     Cora L

16th     Shawn S

17th     Paul H

18th     Irene K

21st     Jacob B

24th   Maxine H

24th    Hannah S

25th   Pastor Sarah

29th   Char B


Oct. Anniversaries


11th    Adam & Katy

15th   Mike & Kelly

16th   Shawn & Valerie

22nd  Ken & Jan

22nd  Tom & Jenny

23rd   Jeff & Deb

29th    Ken & LuAnn