Text Box: Gifts of Treasure, Time, and Talent
Stewardship is how we use the gifts God has first given us.

With over 200 people at St. Johnís for Larry Behrenís celebration of life serviceófor the visitation, service, and dinnerómany, many people gave generously of their time and talent to make that happen. Special thanks to Joann Lange for coordinating the meal and everyone who contributed to it and to Jim Lange for ushering and welcoming people into the building.

Remembering the Saints


All Saints Day will be celebrated on November 5 during

worship. Weíll light candles and say prayers in remembrance of friends and loved ones whoíve passed away. You can add names to the list going around church and weíll read them that morning.

Text Box: Budget Meeting

A team of people will be meeting in late November or early 
December to create the 2018 budget for St. Johnís. If youíre 
interested in helping, please talk to Ken Winkelman to find out when the meeting is.
Text Box: St. Johnís 
Lutheran Church

9812 St. Albans Street
Hebron, IL  60034

Our Website: stjlutheran.com

Sun. School: Sept. - May

Confirmation: Sept. - May
1st Sunday of Month: 12-2pm

Worship: Sun. 9:30 am

Council Meetings:
2nd Thursday 6:30pm

Church Office Hours:
(when Jess is here)
Wed. & Thurs. 8am-2pm
Sarah E. Wilson
Office Days: Mon. & Thurs.

Office: 815-648-2671
Cell: 815-236-5087

Council Members
President & Properties: 
Don Gritmacker
Vice Pres. & Properties: 
Jim Lange
Secretary & Parsonage: 
Deb Sorensen
Financial Secretary: 
Ken Winkelman
Members at Large:
Sharon Pohlman ~ Christian Ed.
Laura Nelson ~ VBS
Dennis Bischke ~ Worship
Treasurer: Pat Peterson
Organist: Mary Sue Houston

Secretary: Jessica Steidl

Custodian: Jean Hutchison