Text Box: To our Remarkable Church Family,

                          Do you ever wonder where your contributions/tithes go? Do you ever wonder if 
                          what you do, if what you give makes a difference? If you're like me and don't  
                          know the ins and outs of the church budget, it feels like there's a hole that we're 
                          trying to fill every month, but we have no idea how deep the hole runs or if what 
                          we do even matters. It's a helpless, hopeless feeling at times.  This feeling comes 
                          from a lack of knowledge that stems from a lack of inquiry on the part of us 
                          congregants and a lack of overt transparency on the part of the church. I am 
                          correcting this today. Please keep in mind that the following numbers are an 
                          estimated budget for the current fiscal year and that all personnel costs have been
                          consolidated for privacy matters.

Personnel Costs:  $108,000
(Includes pastor, pastoral expenses, secretary, organist, cleaning specialist, nursery, and related taxes.)

Insurance:  $6,500

Northern Illinois Synod:  $5,500

Maintenance:															"Let's investigate!"
	Building:  $2,000
	Church Equipment: $1,800
	Office Equipment:  $800
	Parsonage:  $1,500
	Lawn/Snow Care:  $200

	ComEd:  $2,700
	Nicor:  $1,000
	Telephone:  $1,080
	Internet:  $650
	Water & Sewer:  $1,000

	Supplies:  $2,400
	Postage:  $700
	Christian Education:  $500
	Evangelism/Events:  $500
	Miscellaneous:  $1,000

To some of us, these amounts may be expected and reasonable. To others, these are large, scary, feelings-of-hopelessness-inducing monsters.  Help!!!!!

While this may sound like a lot when looked at in one lump sum, broken down monthly it looks more like this:

Monthly Costs:

Personnel Costs:  $9,000

Insurance:  $541

Northern Illinois Synod:  $458

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