Text Box: Maintenance:
	Building:  $167
	Church Equipment: $150
	Office Equipment:  $67
	Parsonage:  $125
	Lawn/Snow Care:  $17

	ComEd:  $225
	Nicor:  $83
	Telephone:  $90
	Internet:  $54
	Water & Sewer:  $83

	Supplies:  $200
	Postage:  $58
	Christian Education:  $42
	Evangelism/Events:  $42
	Miscellaneous:  $83

This is much less intimidating in my opinion! And to calculate the weekly amount just divide these numbers by 4. So if I only have $10.50 to give one week, I can cover that week's education costs completely. $22.50 covers a week of phone service. A monthly donation of $225 covers the whole ComEd bill.

Honestly, before I sat down to write this, I had many times thought, "What we need is such a big number. What I have to give won't make any difference at all." I had no idea that I could make such an impact without being a big donor. And if I would like to, I can write the bills I'd like to cover on my check's memo line so that the office knows what bills they don't have to worry about this month.


																					On behalf of the D-Team,		
																					Valerie Stephens
Text Box: 2018 Estimate of Giving to St. John’s Lutheran Church

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Please include summer months when you consider your gift. 

     Thank you for your continued ministry 
               and support of St. John’s!

  Please return to the office by Nov. 19, 2017

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Total Pledge for 2018: $