Text Box: Treats After Worship
Jesus often reminded us to welcome strangers and provide hospitality to guests.  
It may seem like a small gesture, but having a time to drink coffee or juice and eat 
a little something is a great way to be welcoming to visitors.  Of course it’s a great
way for us to fellowship too!  If you can, please sign up to provide treats some 
Sunday morning.

Thank you for helping us reach out.
Text Box: Aluminum Cans

If you’ve ever noticed the little fenced-in area next to the parsonage (that house next to the church), you’ll see that it’s for aluminum can recycling. If you drop off your bagged, clean 
aluminum cans, we’ll turn them into money for a worthy cause. Lately the money’s gone to the Youth Fund so we can give scholarships to Lutherdale. Sometimes it’s gone to the food pantry or to RINGS. Spread the word, help us raise some money, and let’s make the world a cleaner place!
Text Box: Wish List:  If you could help with the following item, that would be great. Please contact the office if you’re interested.

2-3 people to serve as church Facebook page moderators and maintainers