Text Box: RINGS: Is our high school youth group that focuses on faith, hanging out, and service. 
We typically meet on Sunday evenings, everyone in high school is welcome to join, and 
we love it when you bring friends!

Nov. 11th : Thanksgiving Meal to Seniors, 12-4pm 			Nov. 25th : Just Dance Party, 5pm

*Please be aware that some dates/times may change. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call. Pr. Debbie	(847) 344-8282	Brook (815) 355-9257
Text Box: Sunday Times

We have been using our new study series Deep Blue Adventures,
and it truly has been an adventure. It feels like riding down a
bumpy road. We know where we want to be, we have seen some
lovely sights on the way, and are hoping things smooth out soon for
an easier journey. Our attendance has been fantastic so far, so
thanks moms and dads for getting the littles here Sunday mornings.
Hang in there teachers, I am checking my GPS already for alternate
routes just in case. See you all in the pews, Toby