Girlfriends Group


Girlfriends Group is a monthly group that meets the second Friday of most months and is open to

all women of the church who need a night out. We met in September and came up with a great

schedule for this coming year. Please join us!


December 8† †††† Santa Cruise and dinner. More details to follow!

January 12†† †††† Christmas Par-tay! Bring an appetizer, drink, or dessert to share. Weíll order to †††† pizza. And donít forget your recycled gift!

February 9†† †††† Progressive Dinner. Meet at church at 6pm for soup and salad. Then weíll head †††† to Diane Madsenís for the main course and to the Winkelmans for dessert.

March 9†††††† †††† Paint and sip craft night at the Madsens

April 13†††††† †††† Winery and dinner in Caledonia

July††††††††††††† †††† Look for more details in the future about a trip to Fireside for Another Helping of †††† Church Basement Ladies.

Menís Club


Men's group next meeting will be 11/30 at 5 pm at Sammyís Restaurant in Walworth.

From now on, they will meet the last Thursday of the month.


December 28th: Location TBA †† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† January 25th: Location TBA † ††††


Please talk to Jim Lange with any questions or ideas. 815-509-9465.

Text Box: Earlier this year I began to feel that God was calling me to new plans. After many months of prayer and seeking the Lordís will, I have made the difficult decision that it is time for me to take a new call at a new church. Monday, November 27, will be my last day at St. Johnís. I hope you are able to attend our last worship service together on November 26.

As Iíve discerned this change, Iíve had to let go of my desires and remember that God has 
plans for us all. Iíve come to realize that sometimes we have to make room for someone new. 
Itís my understanding that Pastor Debbie Kelly has accepted the call to be your interim pastor. She completed a 9-month internship at St. Johnís several years ago, so many people are familiar with her and believe she will be a good fit. Please join me in praying for Pastor Debbie and this transition, and please take time to see how God is calling you to be involved in continuing to be ďwhere Christ meets community.Ē

Above all, please know how deeply I care about St. Johnís. I will not be your pastor anymore, 
but I will pray for you regularly. I will be closing my current Facebook profile. You are welcome to follow me on a different profile, but I wonít be interacting with you as I have. This is not 
because I donít care; itís because I want you to connect with your new pastor. 

Please know that each of you will always be in my heart as I go from this place to follow where God is leading me. 

With Deep Gratitude for Everything,
Pastor Sarah