Text Box: RINGS: RINGS is our high school youth group that focuses on faith, hanging out, and service. We work with Grace Lutheran Church in Richmond and typically meet on Sunday evenings. Everyone in high school is welcome to join, and we love it when you bring friends! Keep your eyes open for 2018 meetings…

December 10	Christmas Party. Grace. 5-7:30pm

Celebrating Seniors Christmas Party


Come One and Come All to the Celebrating Seniors Christmas Party on December 8th from 9:00-11:00! Everyone is encouraged to invite a friend to come.


We will have an entertainer, prizes, food, a cookie exchange, drawings, and of course BINGO!!!


Golden Dinners will be serving lunch directly after the party.

Text Box:            Sunday School

Hello everyone and I hope you are all ready
for the holidays. We will begin rehearsals
for our Christmas Program December 3rd,
with practice again on the 10th and 17th
with the performance in church during 
worship on the 17th. Thanks this year to
first time directors Laura Leedle and Brook
Winkleman. Please have your kids there
each week so they can assign parts, and
share the Christmas story. See you there 
and embrace the holidays. Toby