Text Box: Aluminum Cans

If you’ve ever noticed the little fenced-in area next to the parsonage (that house next to the church), you’ll see that it’s for aluminum can recycling. If you drop off your bagged, clean 
aluminum cans, we’ll turn them into money for a worthy cause. Lately the money’s gone to the Youth Fund so we can give scholarships to Lutherdale. Sometimes it’s gone to the food pantry or to RINGS. Spread the word, help us raise some money, and let’s make the world a cleaner place!
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Plastic Forks					Small Paper Plates

Thrivent Action Cards ($250 gift cards)


Thrivent introduced Action Teams as a new way of supporting the ministries of

congregations.  Everyone who’s a Thrivent member can to apply for 1 or 2 Action Cards throughout the calendar year. You can create an action team for fundraisers,

service activities, or educational events. This is how we’ve received those t-shirts that say “live generously.” Each Action Team receives a $250 gift card to spend on the event! So far in 2017, we’ve benefitted from over $6,250 from these cards.


If you’re a Thrivent member and you’d like to learn more about the Action Teams and how you can apply, please talk to Julie Meyer so she can help you with it. Also, we’ll have a sign up for Action Team activities for 2018 available at the annual meeting.