Text Box: Friends in Christ,

What does the Season of Advent mean to you?

When it comes to the Season of Advent, it is not only about preparing our hearts, and our minds for this wonderful gift that we are about to receive, but growing from this gift.  Growing in this gift of love, year after year.  To me, the Season of Advent means a brand-new beginning.  A fresh start. 

Throughout the year we follow the liturgical calendar as it portrays the life of Christ and the life of His church.  We celebrate the birth of our Savior, we follow as Jesus begins His ministry, we watch and become deeply saddened as Jesus is crucified, and we are overjoyed when we discover that the tomb is empty. Jesus ascends to heaven, we wait and anticipate His return.       

Just when we have been through the life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, we once again come back to the Season of Advent. Jesus comes back to us year after year as we once again prepare to grow and be amazed at Godís love for us through our faith in Christ Jesus.  

As I look to the season of Advent, we are once again gifted with a brand-new 
beginning.  Let us prepare for and embrace this season of Advent, where we once again have an opportunity to learn and grow, not only in our faith practices, but 
we have an opportunity to grow in our ability to bring the light of Christ out into 
the world for all to see - for all to know Ė for all to believe.  

We have this fresh start just waiting to greet us, to surround us, and to remind us of Godís promises and how much we are loved just as we are.  

Throughout this Season of Advent, listen as God continues to reach out to us, calling us by name, offering us a brand-new beginning through our faith in Christ Jesus.  

Let us together embrace the joy of our Saviorís birth and let us also embrace sharing our joy with others.  

In His Name,

Pastor Debbie