Youth and Family Activities


Please join us on December 1st, in Lake Geneva for their Christmas Lights Parade. Where to meet and what time will be announced at church and posted on Facebook. Hope to see you there. Toby.


     Dec. 1st:     Lake Geneva Lights Parade         Dec. 2nd:        Meal (Food Pantry) 


     Jan. 6th:         Meal (Sunday School)                Jan. 20th:  Skating Party


     Feb. 3rd:         Meal (Library)                                 Feb. 17th:  Swim Party @ Timber Ridge


     March 3rd:   Meal (Lutherdale)                         Feb. 17th:  Game Night

Text Box: RINGS: Is our high school youth group that focuses on faith, hanging out, and service. 
We typically meet on Sunday evenings, everyone in high school is welcome to join, and 
we love it when you bring friends!

		Dec. 9th: 		Movie Night– Polar Express, 5-7pm 			
		Dec. 23rd: 	Christmas Party Gift Exchange, 5-7pm

		Jan. 13th: 	Paint & Snack, 5-7pm 			
		Jan. 27th: 	Snow Tubing, 5-7pm

		Feb. 11th: 	Crandall’s Fundraiser, 4-8pm 			
		Feb. 24th: 	Pizza with Pastor & Escape Room, 5-7pm

		March 10th: 	Dinner Theater Practice			
		March 24th: 	Dinner Theater Practice

*Please be aware that some dates/times may change. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call. Pr. Debbie	(847) 344-8282	Brook (815) 355-9257
Text Box: Sunday Times

Hello from the back row and I hope everyone has a wonderful 
holiday season. We are getting ready for Just A Little Christmas,
which happens to be the name of our program this year. Please
have your kids at Sunday School for practice on December 2nd,
9th, and 16th. We will have something to do for all ages during
those times , with the performance during services on the 16th. 
Anyone who wants to help let Laura Leedle or me know. 
There will not be any class on December 23rd & 30th. 

Merry Christmas all and see you in the pews. Toby