Text Box: Friends in Christ,

Do You See It?

Whew, February has been a challenging month when it come to our weather.  We had to cancel two Wednesday services, first because of the cold, and then the snow.  This month, we have 
experienced some of the coldest temperatures with the Polar Vortex, and we have had multiple inches of snow numerous times this past month.  And to add to all of this, we have had serious ice storms covering our roadways and walkways.  

We smile knowing that spring is just around the corner. Our dreams for our vegetable and flower gardens will soon become a reality.  Our farmers will soon get to work to prepare their fields.  Our children can play outside without the restrictions of a hat, gloves, and whatever they can wear to keep warm.  With the call of spring, comes the changing of the clock, and although we lose an hour of sleep, the payoff is brighter skies longer in the day, and warmer weather surely cannot be too far behind.  Who isnít ready to look back at this past February, dust the snow from our boots, shake our heads and say, thank God itís all over?

However, before we do that, let me say we shouldnít vacate the memories of this past February just yet.   

Yes, we have had plenty of snow, cold, and ice, but did you see Godís beauty through it all?  Did you see the beauty of the new fallen snow as it lay untouched across the fields? During our latest ice storms, did you see our trees?  In one photo, I saw droplets of water skimming down a tree trunk under the ice.  God knows how to captivate us with such beautiful moments. 

Every day, in every season, God blesses us with the beauty of creation.  We have the rising of 
the sun, and every morning we are blessed to be serenaded by the birds.  At night, we are blessed with the moon and the stars, and the crickets lulling us to sleep. Regardless of the season we are blessed to be a part of Godís wonderful, and beautiful creation. Do you see it?  

We are blessed to have front row seats to experience Godís beauty and love for all of creation. This new season of spring we once again will witness life emerging out of the ground to change and be made new again. Every season, every day, we are lifted and made new through our faith in Christ Jesus. We are blessed!  

Let us give God thanks for every season, and the opportunity to see Godís wonders in the world. We especially give God thanks for the gift of his Son, Christ Jesus as we pray for strength to 
hear Godís call to Be the Change in the world today. Letís share with every person we meet, the knowledge of the One who lifts and renews our lives.  

May we all experience for ourselves the beauty of creation and know Godís love in our lives. 
We too are wonderfully and beautifully created by God, and for this and so much more, we give Him thanks and praise.   

Pastor Debbie

Dream Big, Everything is Possible with God!!