Text Box: Sunday Times

Just a little reminder that there will be no class on Easter April 21st. 
Also we are in our last month of classes with Youth Sunday coming
May 5th. I canít believe how fast time passes, but thank you to all that
have made the year so great for our kids. 

Thanks again all and see you in the pews, Toby

Youth and Family Activities


Scheduling this year has been a challenge with so many activities for busy families, illnesses and

inclement weather. We were able to be flexible and made it work! Boy, we sure do have fun!!


Join us on Sunday April 14 for a picnic lunch and game day!.

Hereís the plan... Sunday School, Palm Sunday service, stuff Easter eggs.

Then we'll take a breather and† have lunch and wrap it up with games (Hopefully outside!!)


We hope to be finished at 2pm.† Come on out to celebrate our church and family, SEE YOU THERE! Toby


†††† April 7th:† Meal (Seniors)††††††††††††††††† May 5th:† Youth Sunday Meal (Lutherdale)