Girlfriends Group


Girlfriends Group meets once a month and is open to all women who need a night out.



May 5th (Sun.)                   Fireside Dinner Theatre "Menopause the Musical". See Laura Leedle

                                             to sign up and for more details.

Men’s Club


Men's group meets on the last Thursday of the month. Mark your calendars for the upcoming dates.


                              April 25 at Nayeli’s Restaurant in Walworth, WI. at 5pm.

                              May 30 at Coleman’s Bar & Grill in Woodstock, IL at 5pm.

                              June 27 Location TBA


Please talk to Jim Lange with any questions or ideas. 815-509-9465.

Text Box: First Communion Instruction

	First Communion is Sunday, May 5, during worship. First Communion 
	instruction will be Saturday, May 4, from 10:00-noon. Please let Pastor 
	Debbie know if you’d like to attend by April 14 so she has enough books for 
	everyone. Typically, the class is for those in first grade or older—an age when 
	kids can sit and follow along in a book for 30 minutes and understand what’s 
	being taught. But all ages (even adults!) are welcome to join.
Text Box: Wish List

In an effort to cut costs at church, we’re asking for help with certain supplies we use a lot. If you could help with one or more of the following items, that would be great. Thanks!

Stamps						Paper Towels
Text Box: Attention Crafty People! 

Believe it or not, Spring is here!  At this time, we are still making scarves for the Coat Drive in 
the fall. We could sure use some help with this project. I have plenty of yarn and will be getting more real soon.  You can crochet, knit or make them from fleece. We need them in children, youth and adult sizes.  The style is up to you, try something new!! What's nice about this project, it can be done throughout the year since the scarves are small, light, easy to handle and very portable.  
So, please come by my house and pick out some yarn and give it a try!!  I can also bring the yarn 
to you at church, if that works out better for you.  If you have questions, please give me a call at 815-403-3048 or email me at