Text Box: YAFA

The past few months have been challenging to get all our schedules to coincide. We had to miss out on a few events, but more than made up for it at the events we were able to host.

We hope to get together sometime this summer, be sure to keep your eyes on the newsletter for 
upcoming fun.

Until then, enjoy your families both at home and church, and have a great summer. Toby
Text Box: Crafty People

Spring has sprung!  At this time, we are still making scarves for the Coat Drive in the fall. We could sure use some help with this project. I have plenty of yarn and will be getting more real soon.  You can crochet, knit or make them from fleece. 

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 2:00-4:00pm at my home. If you have questions, please give me a call at 815-403-3048 or email me at sandydrevalas@gmail.com.
Text Box: Sunday Times

This is the last article of Sunday Times for this school year, and I want to thank some people 
because I cannot do this alone. My helpers really do make this program great. Thanks Pastor Debbie for your time, talents, and prayers. Thanks to Laura Leedle for supplies, crafts, ideas, and leadership. And thanks to my fellow teachers, Michelle and Kendra Cashmore, Tracy and Karly Strand, Jessica Meyer and Rylee Micklevitz. It has been a year of challenges and change and also a year of growth and love. I feel much closer to our kids and feel so PROUD of how they share Godís love at church and beyond. Enjoy your summer break everyone and see you in the pews, at VBS in June, and 
hopefully at worship out in the pavilion. 


Girlfriends Group


Girlfriends Group meets once a month and is open to all women who need a night out.



May 5th (Sun.)††† †††† †††† †††† Fireside Dinner Theatre "Menopause the Musical".

Menís Club


Men's group meets on the last Thursday of the month. Mark your calendars for the upcoming dates.


†††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† May 30 at Colemanís Bar & Grill in Woodstock, IL at 5pm.

†††† †††† †††† †††† †††† †††† June 27 Location TBA


Please talk to Jim Lange with any questions or ideas. 815-509-9465.