Text Box: Friends in Christ,

JuneÖ It is here!  I feel like a little kid again whose birthday is coming up. Oh wait, it is coming up this month, but that is not the reason Iím super excited.  I am both excited and especially thankful about answered prayer.  

Throughout seminary, I remember praying as God called me into ministry.  With each class I took, with each hoop I had to go through (and there were plenty of hoops to go through), I prayed. As the end of seminary loomed closer, I prayed that God would guide and lead me through this process of call, especially because I was restricted in my call to where I could travel, due to Danís work.  Through the many ups and downs of the call process, I knew deep in my heart that God was with me in my prayers, but for the longest time, or so it felt to me, I did not know where, or if, or how, or when. 

Well, God answered my prayer!  Thanks Be to God, on June 16th, 2018, I will be 
ordained in Word and Sacrament, called to serve the wonderful people of St. Johnís 
Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Hebron Il.  

I am both excited and blessed to take these next steps in Godís call into ministry.  But 
if I could be honest for a moment, I struggled with not only hearing Godís call, but 
answering Godís call.  Really?  Youíre calling me into ministry?  I am not able to do this.  I am not that smart. I cannot afford to go back to school.  I am not that knowledgeable of the bible.  I know I pushed back a lot as I listened to Godís call, and I can remember saying, you canít be calling me Ė you meant to call someone else, right? Perhaps our prayer lines got mixed up?  

I want to be clear that God not only hears our prayers but answers all our prayers.  
Perhaps not always in the manner we want, or the speed that we would like, but our prayers are always answered.  And the truth of the matter is this: I believe strongly that God is relentless in his pursuit of reaching out to us. I believe we have all not only felt, but heard Godís call.  In a loving way, I tend to think of the Spirit as this sometimes 
obnoxious, continual tap on the shoulder, repeating over and over again that we should be doing...? Perhaps it is to teach Sunday School, participate in a bible study, join a 
committee, or even attend Diakonia. It could be that God is calling you to be ordained, or maybe you have this constant thought of starting a new ministry that reaches out to serve others. God is calling.  Are we listening? Do you have a lingering thought that keeps tapping you on the shoulder? I am here to help you walk through the weeds as 
we decipher Godís call.  

I look forward to walking with each of you as we listen to Godís voice, seeing where God is leading us as disciples for Christ and as always, let us give thanks to God for 
always answering our prayers.  

In His Peace,

Pastor Debbie
Dream Big, Everything is Possible with God!!