Text Box: “News from the Pews”

The Newsletter of St. John’s Lutheran Church

What’s New(s) and Upcoming Events

St. John’s Values: Preach, teach, and live the Gospel; Welcoming church for all ages; Shared leadership

Mission: Where Christ meets community           St. John’s Vision: Continue to grow in our faith

Text Box: Polka Sunday and Picnic: August 12th at 10am!!!

Yes, folks, this is the Sunday you’ve been waiting for! The polka band is back, and we’ll be oompa-ing our way through worship (starting late at 10am) the outdoor worship area. Afterwards we’ll have a picnic lunch (indoors, that is), so please bring your best dish to pass. We’ll provide Crandall’s chicken and hotdogs. Invite friends, family and neighbors to this fun and meaningful service!

Nursery: Our nursery is staffed by caring, responsible people who are in high school or

older. We’re starting a new schedule at the end of August, so if you’re interested in being on a great team of paid nursery attendants, plan on attending a meeting Sunday, August 5, after

worship. You MUST attend this meeting if you want to work in the nursery.

Please talk to Pastor Debbie if you have any questions.

Text Box: A Spectacular Day!

Pastor Debbie was installed as our permanent pastor on July 22nd! Pastor Gary Erickson 
officiated, brought greetings to us from the N.I. Synod, and welcomed Pastor Kelly into the fold. 

Tears of joy and goosebumps emanated from the congregants as we watched this beautiful 
service.  We are so proud and honored to know that Pastor Debbie is ours! Her tears of joy did not go unnoticed as she thanked all of us for the genuine welcome she has received from the St. John’s congregation.

So—welcome, Pastor Debbie! We are one with you as we celebrate together.
Text Box: Note from Don… In this crazy world where a person wants to harm innocent people for no good reason, we need to protect ourselves.  We have taken some small steps to help protect us.  All doors to the church, except the front door, will be locked during worship services.  
Most of all, we must be aware of our surroundings and be alert.  We pray for those who have 
experienced this kind of tragedy and we pray that we, at St John's will never experience this kind of tragedy.

For anyone and everyone who cannot attend our Sunday morning worship service, we have now added a 7 pm Wednesday service.  The music and 45 minute service is slightly different than the Sunday am service.  Communion is also offered on Wednesday evenings.  

We look forward to seeing you on Sundays  or Wednesday pm services.   

		Don Gritmacker