Text Box: RINGS: High School Youth Group

We are excited about this year and would like to invite everyone to our first event, Sunday, August 4th from 5-7 pm and are asking everyone to bring a snack.  This year we are also asking everyone to RSVP on our Facebook page for all events, so please let us know if you are able to make it. 

At our first event we will discuss the changes for this year, such as; LIGHT (NIS Ė Northern Illinois Synod) High school youth group, and so much more.  

Donít forget to mark your calendars for August 4th and most importantly, bring your friends.  
If you have any questions, please speak with Brook or Pastor Debbie. 
Prayers appreciated as we embark on this new year!  

Blessings, Pastor Debbie

Girlfriends Group


Girlfriendís group will have its annual potluck planning meeting on Saturday September 21st at 5pm at Camp Leedle.† We will discuss what weíd like to do, and start planning our fun outings.


Please give Laura Leedle a call with your thoughts or suggestions 262-949-8730.

Text Box: YAFA

Our Youth and Family Activities and our monthly meals fall under this group. This year we 
want to focus more on our middle schoolers and how we can improve church wide activities and 
participation. We love our volunteers at St. Johnís, you have been such a positive influence 
on this congregation. Truth be told we need more people to step up. We have the same people doing so much that I fear they will feel burned out soon. 

We have decided to try something different with our monthly meals. We are going to have 
different families sponsor and lead them. We will have a signup sheet at church for people/groups 
to lead meals (with the help of our amazing youth). This means you would help Dawn or me plan menus, organize and assist in meal prep and cleanup. 

Donít worry, youíll have plenty of help along the way! The kids are a blast to work with and the work is fun and rewarding. We will plan meals according to how many people step up to help. 

We have decided to have one main activity per season this year... Fall: hayride, Winter: Christmas celebration, Spring: fling, and Summer: family picnic/bon fire. 

Watch the newsletter for more information and hope to see you in the pews,