Menís Club


Men's group meets on the last Thursday (unless otherwise noted) of the month at 5pm be sure to mark your calendars...


†††† Aug. 29 ††† †††† Beanerís Hebron †††† †††† †††† ††††

†††† Sept. 26 †† †††† Next Door Pub Lake Geneva

†††† Oct. 24 ††† †††† Kellyís Harvard (4th. Thur. due to Halloween)

†††† Nov. 21 ††† †††† Colemans Woodstock (3rd. Thur. due to Thanksgiving)  

†††† Dec. 19 ††† †††† Sammyís Walworth (3rd. Thur. due to Christmas week)


Please talk to Jim Lange with any questions or ideas. 815-509-9465.

Text Box: Attention Crafty People!

We are working on stockpiling scarves for the Coat Drive in the fall and for the Hebron Food 
Pantry. If you need yarn please let me know.  We appreciate all of you who have made scarves for these two projects and hope you will continue to do so.  

For those who signed up for the 'Topiary of Lights', The Crafty People will be buying the supplies for the two that we are making for the church front entry.  We would love to have your help in 
making them. If you are going to make some for your own house ........  please remember to buy the tomato cages ASAP, before they are gone.  

You don't need to buy the wire that is listed on the materials list, you can use a couple of metal coat hangers instead.  I'm still in the process of finding tinsel.  I saw some at Hobby Lobby in 
many colors.  Amazon has a really nice selection and Wal Mart should be stocking them soon. 

Once we have all the supplies needed we will be doing a demonstration. We hope you will join us. We are continuing to meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 2 to 4 pm.  

Please let me know if you have any questions!! 815-403-3048 or  

		Sandy Drevalas