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St. John's Lutheran Church

Staff Bios:

Pastor Sarah


Pastor Sarah Wilson has been at St. John's since October 2004. She became a Lutheran after getting to know the Lutheran missionaries in Senegal, West Africa, where she worked from 1993-1995. She attended seminary in Chicago, also earning a master’s in social work at the same time. Pastor Sarah worked in mental health and domestic violence for several years before she was called to St. John's.

Pastor Sarah lives in Woodstock, IL, with her husband, Pastor Tom Rogers of Redeemer Lutheran, Woodstock, and their three children: Sophia, Grace, and Nathaniel. She occasionally works with other churches that are experiencing conflict and also serves on the Bishop’s Taskforce for Health and Wellness. Pastor Sarah enjoys spending time in the garden, working out, and playing with her children.

Jessica Steidl


Jessica “Jess” Steidl has been at St. John's since August 2006. She became a Christian, a Lutheran, and a child of God after getting to know all the wonderful, loving, friendly members of St John's. She attended Western Illinois University and Columbia College. Jess has a B.A. with a focus on Computer Information Systems and a minor focus on history and literature.

Jess resides in Woodstock, IL. She is active in various local and national non-profit organizations. She also provides guidance and mentoring, as needed, to some special interest groups and at-risk youth in the area. In her free time, Jess enjoys fishing, kayaking, biking, playing the guitar, working out, spending time with friends and family.

MarySue Houston (organist)

Jean Hutchison (custodian)

Nursery Staff


The nursery staff at St. John's is an amazing group of high school students who really enjoy children. Better yet, the children really enjoy these high schoolers! Every week at least one—often two or three—of these dedicated kids comes to care for the younger kids.