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Many years ago St. John's started a high school youth group. It started small but has gathered steam over the years. After the first year, St. John's and Redeemer Lutheran, Woodstock, decided to join together for their youth group. A year later, Nativity Lutheran, Wonder Lake, joined the crowd. In 2009, Grace Lutheran, Richmond, also joined. The combined youth group is now known as RINGS, which stands for Redeemer Intertwined with Nativity, Grace, and St. John's. Then a couple years ago, First Presbyterian Church of Woodstock joined us, too. So far we haven't added their name to the acronym, but we have added them to our hearts!

The goal of this group is to have fun, to serve, and to deepen our relationship with God. We have Bible studies, go bowling, have scavenger hunts for food pantries, and do whatever other adventures come our way. Since 2009, we've been blessed to go on mission trips to New Orleans, St. Paul, Minnesota, South Dakota, and New York City to serve God's people.

RINGS meets at least 2 Sunday evenings a month. Please see our newsletter or calendar for the most up-to-date information on what we’re doing. Mostly, know that you are always welcome!


Annual Christmas Party

Cookie Lunch

December Cookie Baking

Veterans' Day Thank You Cards

Costume Party

Richardson's Corn Maze

Pool Party Meeting

New Orleans Trip

RINGS Scavenger Hunt


Dinner Theater

Dinner Theater Practice

Fundraiser at Crandalls