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St. John's Lutheran Church

Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

St. John's Values

 Preach, teach, and live the Gospel

 Welcoming church for all ages

 Shared leadership

St. John's Mission

Where Christ meets community

St. John's Vision

 Continue to grow in our faith

In 2007, St. John’s took the time to discern what we value, what our mission is, and what our vision for the future is. This process took several months but was worth the effort.

After we’d defined ourselves, we also took time to listen to what God is calling us to do, based on who we are. Every year since then we’ve worked to determine our one-year, three-year, and five-year goals. It’s been exciting to see what we’ve been able to accomplish each year, whether that’s been renovating the offices or the sanctuary or holding more social events.

We always encourage input from everyone at the church. If you have ideas on what you’d like to see at St. John’s, please talk to a council member or Pastor Debbie.

Our theme for 2021 is Hope, and as we look at our goals for 2021, our theme found itself in all our goals. In 2020, due to COVID many of our ministries were put on hold, while others were able to continue. One of our main goals for 2021 is to not only reactivate but to grow our ministries.

2021 Goals for St. John’s

1-Year Goals

1. *YAFA: (Youth and Family Activities) Get back in the game and

      schedule events

2. Resume Programs to Pre-Covid Times: Acolyte; Nursery; Youth

      Meals, and Sunday School

3. Resume Men’s group & Girlfriends group

4. Welcome to Hebron Basket (for new families who move into our


5. Pavilion Rental (weddings/parties)

6. Update Brochure to show our ministries/events

7. Outdoor Service Banner “Invitation” (for worship outdoors

      inviting/directing people to our pavilion)

8. A/V Training $15/hr Paid Position

9. Resume Fellowship Hour(s)

10. Advertise Bible Study

11. Repair Lighted Cross

12. Crafty People Has Big Plans (fun projects for our homes)

13. Safety Plan Safety Plan, AED/CPR Training/Certification and

        Scam Awareness Training for Seniors

14. Community Outreach: Sleep in Heavenly Peace Build


3-Year Goals

1. Repair & Repaint Sanctuary Ceiling and Debug Sanctuary Lights

2. LED Lighting in Basement

3. Full Time Pastor (2024)

5-Year Goals

1. Weatherize/Fix Lead in Stained Glass Windows

2. New Flooring & Chairs in Basement

3. 15 Passenger Van

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