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St. John's Lutheran Church

Staff Bios:

Pastor Debbie Kelly


Pastor Debbie attended Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC), graduating in May of 2016. Prior to coming to St. John's Lutheran Church, Pastor Debbie served as an interim pastor in Woodstock. She lives with her husband, Dan in Twin Lakes, WI and has 3 children. I really enjoy, and feel closer to God, when I am out in nature, walking through the trees, seeing God's beauty in the mountain, and hearing the ocean. Where do you feel closest to God?


I am blessed and excited to be a part of St. John's ministry as we all find new and exciting ways to serve the people and the community of St. John's, spreading the gospel everywhere we go.

Jessica Steidl


Jessica “Jess” Steidl has been at St. John's since August 2006. She became a Christian, a Lutheran, and a child of God after getting to know all the wonderful, loving, friendly members of St John's. She attended Western Illinois University and Columbia College. Jess has a B.A. with a focus on Computer Information Systems and a minor focus on history and literature.

Jess resides in Woodstock, IL. She is active in various local and national non-profit organizations. She also provides guidance and mentoring, as needed, to some special interest groups and at-risk youth in the area. In her free time, Jess enjoys fishing, kayaking, biking, playing the guitar, working out, spending time with friends and family.

MarySue Houston (organist)

Ted Drevalas (custodian)

Nursery Staff


The nursery staff at St. John's is an amazing group of high school students who really enjoy children. Better yet, the children really enjoy these high schoolers! Every week at least one—often two or three—of these dedicated kids comes to care for the younger kids.